Our Story

gasp /gasp/ - verb - to catch one's breath

God’s Angel for Single Parents (G.A.S.P.) -A place where single parents can catch their breath.

Understanding the struggles of single parenting, founder, Tameka Anderson begins her mission for all of the single parents of the world.  She knew how difficult it was for single parents who earned more income than required to receive government assistance but still not have enough to provide properly for her children.  She begin to search high and low for resources that would help people like her and year after year she found nothing.

This is when the concept of G.A.S.P. came about.                                                        

She got the definition, in verb form that gasp means to catch one's breath so, therefore, she wanted the acronym for the word and developed the name God's Angel for Single Parents.  This worked out perfectly!  So this is how G.A.S.P. was born.                                  
Founded in love and growing in compassion, Tameka begins to write the perfect plan for assisting single parents.  Through many failures, downfalls, and just all around poor choices, she began to know more about what single parents really needed.  Understanding that single parents consist of more than just women, this is the reason G.A.S.P. is unique.  G.A.S.P. offers support and services for anyone that is considered a single parent whether male or female. 


"The very thing that I was most afraid of (failing)
 is the very thing God used to push me to greatness."
--- Tameka