God's Angel for Single Parents

Where single parents can catch their breath

The one-stop center where single parents can catch their breath

GASP (God's Angel for Single Parents) is an organization conceived in love and growing in compassion to give hope to millions of single parents and young people who are facing the challenges of single parenting.

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Our Programs

Partners in Parenting

Empowering workshops about how to continue to become a better and more productive parent.

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Solely 4 Creatives

Community drama projects for the GASP members.

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Learning Lab

Help GASP members maintain a healthy family dynamic through education and entrepreneurial assistance.

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Grooming for Grades

Incentive programs for GASP members to become more productive and excellent students.

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Peer Principals

Programs for GASP members who excel academically to mentor other students.

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We need volunteers

Looking for an awesome way to share your skill and passion with the world? We need volunteers.